Collection: LIP CARE

HEY! you like kissing, don't you? Well, you can't claim to be a good kisser with dry, cracked, discolored lips. So, get into "THE PUCKER UP" 3 in 1 lip scrub.
This ALL-natural blend is not only for getting rid of dead skin, but also works as a lip lightener and mask! 
If you want the BEST results for a smoother
lip color application gives your soup coolers the
luxury treatment they want. 

*Please keep stored in a cool place* 
Honey:  Beats Dry Skin
Turmeric: To improve Complexion
Brown Sugar: Softens and Exfoliates
Vitamin E: For moisture 

Step 1: Wash your hands
Step 2: Put a small amount of the scrub on your lip exfoliator brush
Step 3: Massage the lip scrub using the brush for 20-30 seconds
Step 4: Rinse off with warm water
for extra lip care use it as a mask, after you’re done massaging leave the scrub on for 10-15 minutes 
Finish the treatment with FRESH MINT lip polish 


Perfect for removing dead skin 
The soft silicon brush head is comfortable to the touch so it will not harm your lip area
The brush helps with surface removal of dead skin and stubborn dead skin
the end results will give you that plush feeling